Phone Without Fringe or Notch or Droplet or Punch Hole

I’m sure we have all noticed the crazy trend of smartphone since last year, a race towards larger screen to body ratio percentage.


I am all about phone with full screen display, but not the type with 100% screen area, I still need like a 5% “no touch zone” on both sides for gaming hand rest purpose. XD

But HELL NO, the market trend is going towards eliminating the minute area there was left.

From sliding mechanics to rotating camera, it’s all about avoiding the temporary solution of the “notch”. (Psst, the answer to that is under screen camera, phone manufacturers, you guys can have that one for free)


Having a clear, straight upper part of the screen seems like a rare scene during the 2018 smartphone screen race.

With the technology of hiding the camera, or some make use of the back camera only, finally we have some options of notch-less and some what bezel-less phones.


Here are some phones that actually caught my eyes:

F11 Pro Aurora Green both front and rear

OPPO F11 Pro

From OPPO, with a great inspirational idea of Find X, here is another notch-less model available in Malaysia.

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