Gifts That Best For Sneakers Lover!

Do you have friends who loves to collect sneakers?

Or they treasure their sneakers so much, they willing to spend more to maintain the sneakers?

And now it is a special occasion that you want to buy them a gift,

Oh no, what can you get for them? *insert sinister smirk*

There’s a brand called SupBro in Malaysia

Yup, that’s right, I’m gonna talk about this one brand in this post. *smirk*

SupBro is all about sneakers but not sneakers.
(Wait, what? What are you talking about?)

Wait wait wait, let me explain first.

SupBro it’s a brand that sell all kinds of accessories for you to keep your precious sneakers clean as new all the time~

Ok, I know you are not here to read this, let’s get into the what are the choices you have.

SupBro Wipes

Clean your favourite sneaker, anytime, anywhere

Well, it’s a wipes. It wipes your sneaker squeaky clean. *squeak*

Think of it like a wet tissue for your sneakers.

You get to clean your sneakers whenever it got dirty! How important is that?!

Not to mention the wipes comes in 2 pieces per use, one for your sneakers, another one to clean your hands after handling the sneakers.

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

SupBro Water Repellent Spray

Water repellent in action!

This is one of the star product for SupBro.

Have you watch those videos on social media, that someone is spraying their shoes with some sort of aerosol, and boom! They can step into the water and their shoes are not wet! How cool is that??

This is that spray. THIS.

You can spray it on your sneaker, and it will repel water.

No more worrying getting your sneakers wet when you wear it out.

If you get this as a gift for your friend, sure they will love it!

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

SupBro Crease Killer

Right: Stopping creases from forming!

When your sneakers or even shoes got older, you wore it often, there will be creases form on the top side of the sneakers.

It gives the old look for your sneakers, it does devalue it by the looks.

Now now now, this crease killer, you can tell by its name, it kills creases on your sneakers!
(well, not literally kill, but you got what i mean)

This is a something you can put into the head of your sneaker, and it prevents the sneaker from folding when you carry out whatever activities like running, jumping, etc..

This is definitely a saviour for those who can’t bear to see their sneakers grow wrinkles.

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

SupBro Renew Pen

Repaint your “white”

Do you or your friends happens to have white sneakers and really love it?
You feel sad when you realize your white treasure slowly turning yellow as time goes by?
You have try all your best to keep it from harsh environment yet it still not as white as new?

Here’s a good news for ya!

SupBro Boost Renew Pen is formulated specially to treat your yellow-ing sneakers!

Permanent and natural paint that will not look fake, comes in pen form which makes it super easy to apply!

Definitely a savior if you have an old sneaker that is obviously no longer white.

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

SupBro Cleaning Kits

Fully equip yourself to clean and care for your favourite shoes

The wipes is not enough you say?

How about cleaning it thoroughly? from the top surface to the sole?

Fret not! SupBro has this cleaning kit for ya!

It comes with soft and hard brush for both the top part and the sole part of your sneakers!

The soft brush is used for the soft or cloth part to not damage it, while the hard brush clean the sole with great force!

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

SupBro Shoe Crate

Protect your shoes with class~

Hey, don’t stop at cleaning and prevent it from wrinkles, it could go wrong to with how you store it!

The air humidity, presence of light and temperature, this could stain your sneakers, or worse, damage it.

Your precious sneakers need not just good care, they need a good protection too.

Try SupBro Shoe Crate, built with high quality acrylic.

They comes in several varieties, such as transparent crate and black crate.

Get it here: SupBro Lazada Official Store

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