11.11 Sale Lazada 2019

The 11.11 is here again for this 2019!

Pre-Sale (Chup Dulu)

We all know that 11.11 you can get stuff at a very cheap price

But what if I tell you there is a way to get them cheaper?

You can actually pre-order the product with a 10% of the price, which will be lower than 11.11 price

Then you just have to complete the order by paying the remaining 90% during 11.11.

Date: 28 Oct – 10 Nov

Click here to go to Chup Dulu page

Mesti Beli

If you need some help to look for and decide what to shop, you can visit the Mesti Beli page from Lazada

The 11.11 Ultimate Shopping Guide!

Date: 1 Nov – 11 Nov

Click me to reach Mesti Beli page

Crazy Brand Mega offers

Here it is!

The official branded deals from RM1!

This is where you will find all the genuine stuffs from the branded sellers themselves, at the lowest price possible during 11.11!

Well, not really the lowest if you opt for the Chup Dulu promotion, if you find what you want in the Chup Dulu list.

Date: 11 Nov (usually is the first 2 hours right at the start of 11.11)

Click here to go to CMBO! Go add to cart first, and checkout on 11.11!

Crazy Flash Sale

You can find crazy deal at RM1 during this 11.11

This is an hourly offer, make sure to check again every hour to not miss any deals that you might possible interested!

Date: 11 Nov

Click me to see all the Crazy Flash Sale options!


The standard play and win from Lazada.

Get involved with Lazada app everyday, play the game, and you might just collected enough to win good voucher!

Date: 1 Nov – 11 Nov

Flexi Combo (Buy More Save More)

Ahh… The “the more you buy the more you save” cliche.

“Buy 2 & Get Extra 15% Off”

Why buy 1, when you can get more with cheaper price? Hue hue hue hue~

Date: 11 Nov


For this 11.11 Sale, there are 11,000,000 vouchers just for you!

(Ok, maybe for all of us, not all 11mil vouchers for only one person)

Date: 1 Nov – 11 Nov

Free Shipping

No more pressure by the heavy shipping fee!

Grab the chance of free shipping during this 11.11

Purchase those things that you have been kept away by the extra shipping fee!

Pick those items with free shipping and add them to cart before 11 Nov!

Date: 11 Nov

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